Fiona Pattinson  


Artist Statement - Masts

Horizons, whether they're on the ocean or out in the desert, are many things. They're intangible, mesmerizing, calming, soft and mirage-like, sharp, clear and linear or curved and dependent on the point of view of the observer.

Someone once said, ‘…the vertical is action in time’, and for me that is what the masts are. They suggest adventure and as I sail towards the horizon I have this feeling of excitement and sense of freedom. The ocean, however, in its horizontal way, is very soothing and has an eternal feminine feel.

Sea, sky, deserts, horizons - horizontals, verticals and diagonals. The inextricable, inexorable, nexus of where they meet – unending and always enchanting.

The wildness and the glassy calm of the ocean, the air, the seaweed, the saltbush, the sand hills, the sea eagles, the vistas. And forever that horizon line.

Growing up in a tiny, close-knit fishing village and always looking out to sea gave solace, a great sense of freedom and belief that anything and everything was achievable. Fascinating experiences were out there and accessible and I thirsted for them.

Education, art school, significant travel, joy, heartbreak and hard work and years later I find myself re-working images from my youth.

Reveries upon the past: ‘…how soothing for a wounded heart is the sight of a bay that bends like the crook of an arm’.

My way of making art is improvisational rather than formulaic: abstract in concept, subjective in execution.

There's a love of construction and an alchemical blending along with that search for eternal, rhythmic balance.