Fiona Pattinson  


Artist Statement -
Colour & Light / Homage to Albers

Josef Albers was optically entertaining, poetic, diverting and at the same time profound. He saw colour as consistently changing and always saw it in relation to the colour that surrounded it.

These pieces float within a plexi box to allow for the play of light and reflection. The lace work is made of marine grade stainless steel and coloured gel. My knowledge of film gel and lighting comes from working on film sets in art and make-up departments after graduating Art School.

While paying attention to colour, form, texture, reflection and perspective and at the same time having a sense in mind of vantage point and light, it was fun and a challenge to create something that stayed perfectly still yet was a vehicle that allowed all of these things to interact, to form a constantly moving slide-show streaming out from behind the piece. A semi -3D Albers inspired experience.