Fiona Pattinson  


160cm x 90cm (63" x 36")
Stretched canvas floating behind plexi and frame - Oil and mixed.

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My inspiration for this ‘Yellow’ series [more images to come] came from three things. One was the memory of an unforgettable lithograph from three stones done in 1973 by Helen Frankenthaler called ‘I Need Yellow’. The next was falling in love with the lime greeny yellow of the Golden Barrel Cactus [echinocactus grusonii] on a trip to Palm Springs. The final thing was driving from an L.A. misty morning into the clear blue sky, with the bald mountains and the open desert space of Palm Springs in the distance and ‘I Can See Clearly Now’ [Holly Cole Trio} on the radio.

With this piece in particular there are the spikes and colour of the cactus, Palm Springs on the horizon, the mountains and the vibration of a general lightness of being and happiness.