Fiona Pattinson  

Sculpture - Dancer

With this series of figures [‘The Dancer’ being one of them] I wanted a lightness of energy, an air of spontaneity and a line that was flowing yet taught. I wanted a tempo, a pulse and a lyricism as in some Celtic or ceremonial dance – measured despite it’s original primitive impulse.

I love doing sculpture because of the construction aspect. This work is a combination of found organic twigs and pieces and was played with until it had a body language that I liked.

I am in the process of doing moulds and then I am going cast this piece in bronze. There is such delight in recasting one’s own creation and then viewing it as a completely weighted, solid form. Bronze has a power and a presence about it that activates space and also with these more fragile and organic ‘combines’ it makes them more permanent.

As well as a classic bronze, I am also going to experiment with an off-white patina to give an abstract feeling of ceremonial body paint.